Amy Yedid

The first day we started learning in sociology class we spoke about the idea of social construction. We first described it as the idea we have in the world based on our surroundings and how we grew up. I looked more into this because I found it interesting. The whole idea of social construction is that we have theories or ideas and we share It with everyone else. It means that if our society has an idea it won’t become a big deal unless we build it up to become this idea that now everyone must follow. I find it so interesting that if our environment was different our social construction idea would be different. In other words the things we do and what is socially accepted in our lives are because we made it socially accepted because of the way we were brought up in our surroundings. For example people childhood is social constructed because we believe that children should and should not be doing things at certain ages, how they should be socialized and when they are considered adults. We build up these ideas that children cannot do certain things at certain ages because of our environment, had our environment been different then we would have had a different view on the way children should be brought up. I would love to hear people opinions and thoughts to this topic. Sent from my iPhone


One thought on “Amy Yedid

  1. I agree with this definition of what a social construction is. To add to it I would like to say it is not something that actually exists, but instead is made real by society. An example of this would be race; race is not actually what we think of when we hear the word. White or Black or hispanic is not a race; Race in terms of human beings is the human race. It is a whole, there are no real subcategories as we are all biologically made the same way, yes we have different features, and personalities but nonetheless we are still all human. Our environment has a strong impact on our upbringings and what we see as right and wrong (norms & values). These are things the things that sociology dives into and looks to uncover in the search for overlap and understanding. I completely agree with your comment of Sociology and your definition of what a social construct is.


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