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Sociology is a very different type of study. Sociology is the study of human relationships and society. When i thought about sociology meant before actually learning the definition in class, i always thought it was more in the psychology field. But after learning more, its much more than that. Even though we are going to read chapter in the textbook for this class, i feel like sociology isn’t only textbook learning but its is much more discussion and observational based than that. Sociology is learning about all the things around you in society and what people think about them and why they are a certain way. Without knowing anything i am able to guess that this class is going to cover a lot of contraversial topics because that is what the world is about in this generation. i am excited and ready to dive into this class and ready to hear other peoples opinions and ready to give mine as well.


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  1. I completely agree with you. I expected the Sociology course to just be based on textbook definition. But it is more in depth than that. Sociology determines everything that was do. It determines our thought process and the choices we make. Like John Locke once said “Everyone is born with a clean slate”. Our brains are filled with things other people put in them. I cant wait to study more on that.


    • I have the same feelings about sociology. Entering the class, I too thought it would be like psychology. Psychology is rather straight forward to me and easy to grasp. Today while doing my laundry I was reading our text book and started to realize how huge sociology is. It’s not just a course where you have to know definitions, rather its a course where you have to open up your mind to a wider range of thinking. C. Wright Mills defined sociological imagination as “the vivid awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society.” It was after reading this that I fully grasped the concept that sociology questions why we do things, how we do things, when we do things, and so much more. I am definitely excited and intrigued to drive more into sociology this semester and open my point of view up to new perspectives!


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