Lauren Sitt

After just a few classes of sociology I can tell its going to be different than my other classes. Originally I thought it was going to be like psychology, however I already noticed one major difference. The textbook says that in order to really think like a sociologist, we need to have a sociological imagination. This mean we have to look at simple things, things we don’t realize have meaning, and study them. They look at something like drinking tea and try to find a social cause for it. Unlike a regular person, won’t question the reason behind drinking tea, a sociologist will look more deeply into this simple act. One example they might say is that some teas are beneficial and this person cares for his or her health. I’m hoping to learn more about sociologist and the way they view the world. I hope I understood this idea but if I’m wrong or missed something please comment and correct me. Also if anyone notices examples of this throughout your day please share them.


3 thoughts on “Lauren Sitt

  1. I thought the same exact thing, that sociology was just like psychology. I was afraid that being in this class would confuse me with my psychology class but turns out it is totally different. I’m excited to learn how society is viewed and examined!


  2. I also, thought it would be like psychology and just like everyone else, i soon realized they were completely different. I am looking forward to majoring in psychology so i hope to find some similarities between this class and psych!


  3. Sociology is completely different from psychology. From taking psychology classes already as electives I learned that psychology has to do with behaviors and mental status whereas sociology deals with how people react with situations and certain events in their life and how those actions relate to those of the people around them or in the same neighborhood and what they would do.


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