What Would Happen…?

It’s cute and corny, but I think that by continuing to think about this video we might uncover some deeper understandings related to our Sociological Imaginations. How is the girl in this video using her Sociological Imagination? Where do the ideas in her mind about what might happen come from? Given the meanings and possibilities represented here, how does the balloon shift from a mundane rubber object to one that has cultural and interactional significance?


One thought on “What Would Happen…?

  1. After watching this video, I think that the balloon has a deeper significance than when it was initially blown up. The balloon now has consequences that the girl begins to uncover step by step through each of the scenarios presented in her imagination. I believe that the ideas in her mind come from observation and information from her environment. I do not think these consequences are a result of any schooling she may have received, but more towards her social environment; learning cause and reaction. Slowly she was able to uncover the ultimate consequences for her actions, in turn leading her down a different path; one in which i believe is a socially responsible one, in which both parties leave happy and unharmed.


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