Kevin Sebili

I don’t mean to backtrack, but I would like to talk about Beyonce’s performance during the Superbowl Halftime show. I disagree with many of the comments made that she was doing it to promote violence and create a "race war." In fact I think it was a positive thing that should be promoted more often. She was just showing her pride and putting on a performance. I don’t think any negative connotation should be attached to her performance and I do not think that even analyzing it is fair. Why is it that when she shows black pride, it is associated with and thought to be a race war, while when cold play was promoting gay pride no one saw it as a war against straight people? In the end it is the same concept: there is a minority group that was and still is struggling for rights and equality. However, harmful protest is attached to one and peace is attached to another. What are your thoughts?


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