Lily Mishaan

In class we started to discuss many different aspects of sociology. Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups, and societies. One thing we recently discussed in class was Sociological Imagination. This means being able to connect personal experiences with society as a whole. In the textbook there was an example about love. We all see love as something that comes naturally, but for people in different parts of the world, love can be a little bit different. The meaning of love is defined based on the actions and experiences of society as a whole. The whole idea of love, as well as many other things, was influenced by social forces. Society is what tells us what’s “normal” and acceptable to do in life. The things we do shape our social world into what it is today. The ideas and actions of societies change over time causing individuals to change.


One thought on “Lily Mishaan

  1. The idea of love such as kissing is extremely cultural. In different parts of the world, some people are allowed to kiss one another on the cheeks while others, more religious ones, are more strict on who is kissed. Religious Jews are not even allowed to touch the opposite sex as well as many other cultures. This relates to what I’m learning in my anthropology class. I learnt a term called hegemony which is the dominance over another social group through ideas. This ultimately allows us to know what is socially “correct” and “normal”.


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