Arielle Tornheim

I wanted to bring up the case on the email we were talking about from President Karen Gould, about the unacceptable behavior. The email said that the students were shouting anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist phrases but then as Professor Miller said somebody counteracted it on Facebook and said it never happened and that it was a misunderstanding. I was thinking that I don’t understand why they would send an email about it if it didn’t happen like that. Obviously they must have acted in some sort of disorderly way to get a response like this sent out to all students. Also, things like this has happened before which makes me believe that students will act in such a way. I agree totally that We students should get our voices heard, but there is a different way to do it. Religion and ethnicity should have nothing to do with how the school is run. For people to start shouting to get all Zionists off campus does not make sense, this is America and everyone has a free will to go to school, if you don’t like it then move somewhere else. I was not there so I don’t know if it did really happen but it’s sad that we had to get such an email like this. What do you is a good way to make everyone feel equal on campus?


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