Lata Jorge

After reading chapter 2, the sociological terms such as subculture, culture identity and multi-culturalism reminded me a film called “Arranged”. The film is about the social interaction between of an orthodox teacher named Rachel meshenberg and teacher Nasira Khaldi. Both teachers live with their parents in Brooklyn and teach a class together. The film illustrates the complexity of the steps that men or women have to take in the process of arranged marriage. In the beginning of the film, both teachers are confronted by students lack of understanding about the Muslim culture and Jewish culture. The dean of the school also lacks a deep understanding of the traditions of both cultures and tries to make uncomfortable suggestions to them. In the film, Nasira states that her Hijab is an expression of her own beliefs and perception. She also states that many different countries have muslims that speak a different language and certainly have different perception of society. During the arrange marriage process, Rachel struggles to find mr perfect and starts to believe that her culture tradition is not working for her. Moreover, Rachel meets a family relative and begins to explore the American culture. If you would like to learn about the end of the story, I would suggest you to watch the film. The important lesson that I learned from this film was that differences between American cultures and other cultures shape social behavior of a large population in Brooklyn. The history between two different cultures also plays a role in the way people in interact. Do we interact or ignore a person because he or she is not a member of our subculture? What you think about the film?

Lata Jorge

Here is the movie link <Arranged marriage>

Arranged marriage
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