Steven Woo

In class, we started having a discussion about culture and how important it is. We mention that values as well as norms help shape an individual’s way of thinking, one’s desires, and so on. Culture provides individuals their own sense of identity, their own purpose and their own belonging. This discussion reminded me of an article “Turban-wearing Sikh actor who was barred from boarding plane is still refusing to fly home”. The article is about an Sikh actor, Waris Ahluwalia, who was about to board on the plane to travel from Mexico to New York, however security personnel stopped him. Security didn’t let Ahluwalia board the plane because he refused to take off his turban in public. He mentions that his beard and his turban are a part of him and that it represents his commitment to equality and justice. As a result, he started protesting to protect his values and his beliefs. Lately, there has a been a lot of vandalism with the Sikh Americans “For Silk Americans, the unique markers of religious identity the turban, the beard these markers are associated with the markers of terrorism … People see a Sikh and construe them as the enemy.” Society view their culture as a symbol of terrorism and see them as an enemy to the country. This is ridiculous and unjust how could society just view these people as terrorist when they didn’t do anything. Why is racism such a big issue with Muslim cultures?


One thought on “Steven Woo

  1. I don’t believe racism as being only a big issue with Muslim cultures but with every culture. I believe racists have prejudices to every culture that’s not theirs. I myself am not Muslim, but I am Egyptian with a thick beard. Ive gotten called a terrorist hundreds of times, whether it was a joke or not I choose not to let it bother me. We need to face the fact that there will always be racist in the world.


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