Sadaya Hurtte

The class discussion on Industrialization really had my mind going. I never realized how much humans try to grow and build the more they destroy the Earth and the closer we get to human extinction. The textbook defined industrialization as the emergence of machine production based on the use of inanimate power resources. Humans depend on electricity now for everything. We need to charge our phones etc. We are running low on natural resources like oil. So it got me to think that if we do run out of these natural resources then eventually humans would have to restart. Humans would eventually have to go back to the Neolithic lifestyle as hunters and gatherers.
This also makes me think about how long humans were actually here. Yes, scientists have the technology to be able to "tell" the amount of years humans were walking the earth, but in reality nobody really knows because no body living now was alive when the first human was created. Nobody can say for sure when humans first arrived. Nobody really knows that dinosaurs existed. All people really have is an educated guess. Just like when people used to believe the world was flat. Now we believe the world is spherical. What will believe in the future? These educated guesses are the reason why I do not believe in God. Our imagination is many things and ‘great story tellers’ is one of the them.
Technology scares me. The fast evolution of technology scares me. To know that everything we do is being recorded and saved is scary and people are just accepting it because they have "nothing to hide". Nothing to hide is not the point. The point is to keep your privacy "YOUR" privacy. I just don’t want to enter a Totalitarian society where Big Brother is always watching. 1984 by George Orwell instilled that in my head. In this type of society you can’t trust anyone. All of your freedoms are taken away and you are forced to have a blind faith and love toward your leader. There will be no such thing as thinking for ones self, and that is what our society will soon become if we don’t start thinking heavily and reading and limiting our social media time. All humans do now is try to entertain themselves staying in this lazy mindset.


One thought on “Sadaya Hurtte

  1. You’ve made many striking points in this post. One thing is for sure cannot definitely has it cons. Lack of resources and pollution is something we must take head to. We also have to consider how dummified we are becoming. This makes me question is technology all that beneficial?


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