Reaction to Ageism- Maridalia Mejia

Hey everyone!! Last class I was definitely captivated by the topic of Aging and how the views have changed over the years. I was thinking a lot about Ageism and how it is so real in our society today. Most products are advertised towards a young, cool crowd that will be attracted to the latest trend in food,fashion and entertainment. Companies don’t want to be known by being retro, even brands like Chanel make an effort to be classic yet appeal to a hipster market.

(picture from

Also, this article on the Huffington Post caught my attention, it contains a video of reactions of Ageism in public. The video made me feel very uncomfortable, because I would not be in agreement with that, it’s shameful to me. Although this also raises a question…Is it discriminatory for a brand/company to choose who they want to appeal to?


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