Jorge Lata

White Woman Dresses “Urban” | What Would You Do? | WWYD | ABC News

White Woman Dresses “Urban” | What Would You Do? …
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My first impression about this video was the female support. It’s very common for women to help each other when one female member is confronted with racial discrimination.

For some people discrimination is a big deal and for others is not. I think a woman can express feminism in many different ways including dressing like an urban woman. Based on the video, there are some women that are completely against this new look because they feel that outsiders should respect their own dressing style and way of expressing their thoughts. I think that dressing styles are important aspects of life because people want to explore new looks and culture. Dressing styles contain a significant meaning about the personality of a person. What do you think about this video and what makes you think you are right? What if this situation takes place in a developing world, do you think customers would react the same way. In my opinion, hairstyle and dressing is a personal right that people should respect and support. What you think about this?


One thought on “Jorge Lata

  1. After watching this clip I realized a lot of the situations depicted in “What Would You Do?” relate to our class. I too believe that clothing style and hair is a very personal thing and doesn’t necessarily have to fit into any norm. Personally, I never realized that in such an urbanized setting that people would react negatively to a white woman dressing urban, or to the way anyone dresses for that matter. Some may even say this white woman dressing urban is culture appropriation, but I disagree. She is simply dressing in a way that makes her happy. Why are certain things people do/wear considered cultural appropriation and others not?


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