Lily Mishaan

Social interaction is the process by which we act, and react to those around us. A big part of social interaction that were not consciously aware of are rules of communication. There are so many general rules we have when speaking with one another. When we speak to each other, we are all sharing certain understandings of how to communicate. The study of this is called ethnomethodology. There are many studies that were done to prove how people make sense of what others say and do in the course of day to day social interaction. Another general way we communicate is by using “Response Cries”. Those are seemingly involuntary exclamations individuals make when, for example they spill something all over the place, they will say “oops”. Which isn’t really a word, but it has meaning to it. Personal space is a big unspoken rule when communicating. Most people make sure to maintain a reasonable distance between the person they are conversing with, because otherwise they would come off a little bit creepy or intrusive. However, in the Middle East, people stand much closer to eachother when conversing. People use many different forms of body language to communicate like eye contact, nodding your head, shaking someone’s hand, etc. The way we communicate is something we learn by living. We pick up these rules and use them unconsciously.


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