sara suede

Everyone goes through several social interactions daily. A social interaction is the process ins which we act and react to the epode around us. When talking to someone, looking someones way,or making a face at someone, these are all social interactions. The study of social interactions is part go micro sociology which is the study of human behaviors in context of face to face interactions. there are many different ways to study social interactions. A researcher is able to just observe everyday behavioral patterns and come up with data regarding interactions. You can also study everyday life and culture because those things lead to different types of social interactions. Sometimes you done even realize when we are having an interaction. When you pass by someone in the train station that you’ve never met before, and you give them little smile, that is considered an interaction with someone. And then there are the more obvious ones, for example if two people are fighting with each other ion public and everyone can see them that is definitely a social interaction. We all know that interactions are most of the time when you speak to someone and you have a conversation but there are also way to communicate with someone non verbally. When we smile at someone, or frown at them or evens tare at someone we are communicating twitch them without exchanging any words with them. Facial expressions can sometimes have more meaning then when you speak to someone. Ive always heard the saying " oh you’re face says it all" without even saying one word your face can do all the talking for you. Social interaction happen everyday whenever you are around someone because most of the time it is very difficult to ignore someone that is right next to you. I found this topic very interesting to read about in the textbook because it is something that we literally go through every single day in most of our awake hours during the day. its something so natural that oat people don’t even have to think about it. Noone really has to think about how to smile or how to have a conversation with someone, its something that should come natural to everyone.


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