Amy Yedid

Social network is the connections a person has based on who his friends are, his friends friends, family and family friends. Like I said when I presented in class, having a social network can give a person more opportunities for jobs, internships etc. In the textbook it says that people of a high economic class have bigger social networks which is why they have jobs that’s pay well as oppose to people in a lower economic class may not have that advantage. Social networks these days are all through the Internet. Now through Facebook and chat room people can expand their social networks without leaving their living rooms. Now people can catch up with old friends and have more opportunities, the good thing about the Internet is that you don’t know who you talking to because it’s not a face to face interaction so you can be talking to someone who is in a higher or lower economic status than you are and it doesn’t matter. Social network has helped a lot of people with their future


One thought on “Amy Yedid

  1. I agree completely. To add, Linkedin is another great site that allows people to expand their opportunities. It is like facebook , but suited entirely for employment. This is like you said great when you don’t have to meet in person. You are able to present your self in the best manner, and may even get comfortable before a job interview. This ease of access makes social connections even stronger, beacuse communication is literally at your finger tips.


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