Lauren Sitt

Agents of Socialization are groups or social contexts in which significant process of socialization occur. Socialization occurs all throughout our life, but most of the more important parts are during our childhood. The four main agents of socialization are- family, school, peers, and mass media. Family is the most important one; our parents are the ones who teach us how to function and care for ourselves. Our first norms and basic beliefs come from our family. A good example of this are the two sets of identical twins who were separated at birth. I thought it was very interesting reading about the differences they twins had because of who raised them.The next agent is school, where we learn social skills by being around other students and teachers. One might get influenced to call out in class instead of raising his or her hand, by watching the other students around him. Peer relationships are very much like school, however i think it is more important. I notice that I get more influenced by my specific group of friends rather than the students i just met from school. We form stronger ‘norms’ with our close friends, and usually have the same opinion on certain matters. Mass media has become a very big agent of socialization. When we look at magazines or Instagram and we see the models we get insecure about our own body image. Mass media doesn’t only apply to girls; when boys play violent games theres a chance they could get more violent in real life. I remember in the beginning of this semester, we all split into groups and had to say what we thought was an issue that we should be trying to change. A lot of people said social media because of cyber bullying and the negativity it could bring out sometimes. Now learning more about how we form ourselves I noticed that social media shapes us just like many other agents of socializations. This is a new way to look at it, other than just a fun way to keep up with the lives of our friends and celebrities. Does anyone else feel like social media has a strong impact on our lives? if not please share your opinion.


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