Arielle Tornheim

When I heard the news about Brussels, I couldn’t believe how people can be so cruel. The government has enacted many rules to make people feel safe when flying, but now even the front entrance is threatened. Now the most joyous holiday of the year for Jews became a mourning day and had to be “cancelled.” While I was out having fun on the holiday of Purim, I couldn’t bear to think about what the Belgium people must have been going through. It’s not even just the Belgian people but all over the world these attacks are going on. What do you guys think a good way to stop terrorism would be?


One thought on “Arielle Tornheim

  1. Honestly I don’t think terrorism will ever stop as long as people are existing. It sounds messed up but its true. People will always have issues with one another and handle it in inhumane ways. I heard on the news the other day that a group of people entered a church screaming and shouting as mass was occurring in the city on Easter. Although, it was not a terror attack, it startled people. terrorism is going to be something we will just get used to because I do not think it’ll ever go away.


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