Raymond Truc

On Tuesday’s class, Professor Miller talked about a very interesting topic about how security in the airport was becoming more tighter now. This all occurred when the infamous 9/11 attack happened. While Professor Miller was explaining this to the class it reminded me a scene from the movie "V for Vendetta." This scene is basically where the protagonist, "V" is explaining how the government is taking advantage of various situations that caused fear to society to impose new regulations or laws that society might have opposed otherwise. This debate is very interesting because V’s speech is becoming more and more of a reality rather than staying a concept. Hopefully, the government will not cross over society’s boundaries when it comes to personal rights.

Here is the scene from "V for Vendetta."


One thought on “Raymond Truc

  1. I agree that Airplane security has become way more intense. But I also feel like the security levels are biased and are just set up to make people “feel” safe when in reality like professor said “we are still at the same level of danger”. Anything can happen at any moment. Also, on MTA services the police are stationed and have the authority to search any one’s bag if suspected of containing anything related to terrorism but the police are biased on who they think are the terrorists. So basically anyone brown is more likely to be searched and suspected as a terrorist than anyone else.
    Also, I ride the train everyday and the police only were stationed on my train platform for two days. After that there was no more “security”. Which goes back to the point that we are still at the same level of danger whether we have “security” or not.


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