Lauren Sitt

Today in class we spoke about gender equality, and i just heard that today is equal pay day. I looked it up and equal pay day is the symbolic day when womens earnings finally catch up to what men earned in the previous year. Women make up to an average of .79 cents for every dollar a man makes. however the size of the gap varies based on ethnicity. Latinas get paid as low as 50 cents compared to an average non hispanic man. Like we asked in class, i wonder if as time goes on will this gap get smaller? right now women are getting paid 21% less than most men for doing the same job. According to the Atlantic president Obama said that companies with over 100 employees are required to report to the government how much each employee is getting paid including their race, gender, and ethnicity. As I’m reading more about it, I am noticing that the best path women should take right now is to fight for better pay. We have a long way to go until we will hopefully achieve equal pay. However my advice for each individual women is to go talk to your co workers and see what they are getting paid and then talk to your boss. Do this in a respectful way and don’t do this if you will risk losing your job. Hopefully in the future this won’t even be an issue anymore. What do you think women or even men can do to even the wage gap?


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