Whitney Harrison

Last week, we discussed gender and sex. We also came to the conclusion that humans receive or are assigned gender roles as soon as we are born. The cultural construction of gender is the way humans learn to behave in regard to their respective gender. Gender is divided into two categories masculine and feminine; these two characteristics are assigned to a sex so that each can perform the norms of the assigned groups. Children are the easiest group to target in terms of media enforcement of gender, because they pick up what they see as well as what they taught. I have recently saw this commercial for this toy called GoldiBlox. GoldieBlox’s mission is to reevaluate the way we think of toys for girls and promote STEM amongst them. This commercial can commended for many reasons, it challenges western hegemony (power enforced through ideas rather then force) in that it is promoting a science toy for girls but, I do feel the company could’ve pushed the envelope a little more. Do you feel that this commercial is a step in the right direction? and why?



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