Jared West

A couple weeks ago John Kasich and Ted and Cruz have annouced that they are teaming up to stop Donald Trump. As of now, Trump is getting closer to acquiring the nomination since he has 956 of the 1,237 needed for the Republican nomination while Cruz has 547 and Kasich having only having 154 of the needed delegates.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are joining forces in a last-ditch effort to deny Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination.

Within minutes of each other, the pair issued statements late Sunday saying they will divide their efforts in upcoming contests with Cruz focusing on Indiana and Kasich devoting his efforts to Oregon and New Mexico. The strategy — something the two campaigns have been working on for weeks — is aimed at blocking Trump from gaining the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim to GOP nomination this summer.

Trump's son: GOP would rather lose with Cruz than back dad.

Trump’s son: GOP would rather lose with Cruz than back dad.01:44

The extraordinary moves reflect the national strength Trump has shown and the inability of Republicans who oppose the New York billionaire to come together to stop him. Dividing up some of the remaining primary states by putting forward one strong alternative to Trump in each could be enough to take away delegates and curb Trump’s run to the nomination.
"This is a nationwide campaign and we’re making a decision where to focus our time, energy and resources," Cruz told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Monday. "We are now focused very, very heavily on the state of Indiana. It is significant that John Kasich is pulling out of Indiana and allowing us to go directly head to head with Donald Trump."


One thought on “Jared West

  1. Anyone that has worked with Donald Trump reports that he is absolutely clueless. Source: trumpthemovie.com (was free on YouTube but since then removed for “spam or distasteful”). He never intended to get this far. He just wanted to add running for president as a list of accomplishments. I can understand why some people are in agreement with his views, however, is he the man to realize those views? A lot of his voters claim that he is the lesser of the evils in regards to the other candidates. Probably a lesser evil than Hilary. With each passing day there is more and more evidence of how corrupt both she and her campaign trail are. (Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wK2K5v5bm0Q )How she continues to get votes is beyond comprehension. A world with her as our leader is a world where corporations make us sign contracts for how much air we breathe and pay overages for every additional breath. Bernie opposers recite fox news’ verbatim. How is a man who fights for equal rights a man without backbone? How is he too old when Queen Elizabeth II is 90 (though more of a figurehead, she still looks like she will outlive us all). I’m not saying everyone should vote for Bernie. That’s up to the people. I’m just shocked that people can vote for DT or HC.


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