Lata Jorge

Watching Donald Trump debates and speeches forced me to continue learning about his life. Many people believe that he is not the right president for this country because of his tone. Some dislike him because of his success and wealth. Something that we all can relate like ben Carson who was criticized many times because of race and political reasons. Donald trump is a man of character and points out his opinions about politics or health or building issues very clearly. He is man that supports medical and military research. He believes that a marriage is between a man and woman, which is statement that many people disagree with because a marriage is between two loving individuals that care about each other. Donald talks about building a wall and banning Muslims because of political reasons. I don’t thing banning or building walls are going to remedy the problems that this nation is facing. Donald trump mentioned some powerful statements that force strangers to study him and his presidential plans. Honestly, I like his plan to get rid of Obama care plan because this plan was developed to favor the wealthy people, upper and middle class. This is another example of institutional racism covered in the textbook. My friends and neighbors dislike Obama care because it was not developed to help the lower class. What about jobs? Well I can’t disagree with Donald trump on this one. The companies are moving to developing nations because of cheap labor and massive production. One of my friends is a computer programmer and he works as a manager at a software company. He is not in charge of programming work because other coders from a different nation are doing the coding work. When he told me about his story changes, I was shocked and disappointed because it was not fair to the people with a college education. So, Donald trump should do something about it because many people are losing their jobs or moved to lower position job. Another interesting fact is the avoidance to critic the presidential candidate Donald trump by wealthy individuals, senators, governors, and others. Perhaps they some of them have a private agreement with Donald trump that social media don’t know about it. If Donald trump becomes president, do you thinks he is going to divide American people and improve economy? I think he is going to bring social issues and elevate racism. I also think he might help the economy and bring more jobs back to this nation. What you think?


One thought on “Lata Jorge

  1. Donald Trump, in my opinion would not be the best candidate for the presidency. He would in fact be a dividing force for this country based on his very controversial ideas. Banning a religious group from this country is not helping or deterring terrorism, because Muslims can be any race or ethnicity. He is inadvertently striking fear in his followers by making the face of Islam a Middle Eastern/North African one. By spewing his rhetoric he is dividing the American people. In terms of the economy, Trump at the end of the day is a business man…his ideas on the economy will reflect as such, which means no help for the little guy. Politicians often times can’t pass everything that they want to because of our system of checks and balances and they work or do for the people (PAC or Lobbyist) that give them the most money. Also How would Trump really evaluate racism when he clearly promotes it? He only started to become somewhat “politically correct” once he got the Republican Nomination. By wanting to close our border and “banning” muslims from entering this country he is clearly showing his ignorance in regard to race, religion, and ethnicity. If Trump wins and becomes the 45th President of the United States he will have to have a team around him who has political experience, because cronyism is something that would detrimental to the country. And how can he really bring awareness to social issues if he doesn’t even believe global warming exist? He literally has no idea nor does he care about environmental policies. His views on women are archaic and quite patriarchal considering he has daughters. So all in all I do not believe Trump is the best candidate for the highest office in our country.


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