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Being that yesterday was Mother’s Day and in class we are learning about gender inequality I think that it fits well. In today’s society gender is something that is so obscure and mangled that Mother’s Day is something i think that gives recognition to some people that maybe wouldn’t get it. In today’s world you do not need to be a woman to be considered a mother. With gay couples and transgender people having children today women are not the only mothers to be considered. For a child who doesn’t have a woman ad their mother but rather a man that man deserves the same recognition and applause as a woman does. The world today is evolving in ways that we may not be used to and I think that’s it’s something for everyone to get used to including myself. Movies, tv shows and media are more and more portraying the diversity of the people and the ideas of the LGBT community. With Mother’s Day yesterday do you guys think that with time that the original idea of Mother’s Day is going to change drastically with changing ideas of motherhood?


3 thoughts on “Sara suede

  1. I believe that the original idea of Mother’s day will never change. I would consider those who are transgender that identify themselves as female and has a child of their own, a mother. Of those children who do have two fathers, there is Father’s day for them and that tradition would count the same for Mother’s day. I feel that depending on the family, they should be the only ones to choose how they feel for their family. If there were to be drastic change to the idea of Mother’s day or Father’s day, I think they would change it to something more general like Parent’s day or something similar to that but I would doubt that this would happen.


  2. The definition of what a “mother” is supposed to be, is evolving with time. I agree with what you wrote, there are transgender moms, and moms who are from the LGBT community. But I don’t think “Mother’s Day” is going to change at all. No matter what kind of “mom” you have, she’s your mom. And as dumb it as it sounds, a mom is a mom. Even now, lesbian moms and transgender moms and bisexual moms are still moms and still celebrate Mother’s Day.


  3. i totally agree with what you’re saying. the term “mother” is used in so many different ways that we cannot just say only a woman could be a mother. mothers day is now a day to celebrate all different kinds of “mother” figures.


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