Sasha Bonilla

Beyonce in North Carolina
On Tuesday, Beyonce’s formation tour performed in North Carolina, a state that has been in the news lately for their “bathroom bill”. North Carolina has a law in effect that requires transgender individuals to use public restrooms that correspond to their sex at birth instead of the gender with which they identify. Because other artists such as Bruce Springsteen are canceling shows in North Carolina due to this law, Beyonce is experiencing quite a bit of backlash. Although Beyonce did not cancel her show she did post a statement saying “As The Formation World Tour makes its stop in the Tar Heel state in the midst of such a controversial time, we think it is important for us to bring attention to those who are committed to being good and carrying on the message of equality in this core of controversy”. Is it enough for Beyonce to just post a statement? Having such influential power in media, should we have expected Beyonce to cancel her show as well? Or is Beyonce receiving this backlash enough to bring more attention to the issue of inequality? Comment what you think about this.


2 thoughts on “Sasha Bonilla

  1. While North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill is unfair and promotes inequality, I believe Beyonce should not have to cancel her tour in this state. Her comments against the bill should be more then enough, because she still managed to get her point across in an articulate and politically correct way. She is a very influential celebrity and many people look up to her, but I think people should also take into consideration the fact that her concert is a way for her to also make money and if she cancels her show to make a statement thats money lost due to lawsuits. Celebrities should not be the only people to make a difference. I feel as if people put to much pressure on celebrities when they should not always have to voice their political views. When people put all their effort into someone, they tend to fall back instead of going out and doing for themselves. Beyonce’s backlash may shine more light on the issue but as a person living in the United States issues such as these should be important to you even if you disagree.


  2. I don’t think Beyonce should have cancelled her show. the law being passed doesnt have anything to do with her or her music. why should people lose money over it? i don’t agree with the new law at all, although Beyonce and her fans should not have to lose money over it and do not deserve the hate theyre getting.


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