Whitney Harrison

Last Week, 94 out of the 97 Public schools in Detroit, Michigan were closed due to a teacher ‘sickout’. The teachers are protesting after finding out they might not get paid after June. Many teachers are urging Michigan Lawmakers to pass a budget of $715 Million which would fund salaries pass July. But this is not just about the teachers. The Detroit Public School district services 47,000 students, so a solution for this problem is greatly needed. Last weeks sickout was not the first one, the first major sickout happened in January due to the dilapidated and unsanitary conditions which include black mold, rat infestations, and pieces of the ceiling falling down, these issues caused many schools to close. These sickouts do not benefit the children who are losing out. Detroit is already considered a crumbling city by many and 97 percent of the people in the city as well as who the district serves is Black. This can be seen as an example of modern day institutionalized racism due to the fact that Michigan Government clearly chooses to turn a blind eye to situations such as this. Aside from Detroit most of Michigan is mostly white, which can explain why This forgotten city is the last on Michigan’s list when clearly it is a needed city.Below is an article discussing last weeks protest, my question for any reader is, do you think that there is a correlation between this situation and institutionalized racism?



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