Amy Yedid

For sociology class we had an essay due today and one of the topics for the essay was “No Child Left Behind” this was an act passed by George W. Bush in 2002, to try and increase students academic level. What this act included was, standardized tests, no tolerance for misbehavior and English programs for non English students so they can be more educated. The big issue that most parents had with the “No Child Left Behind”, was that standardize tests are not fair. For example, the SATs are a test to see if a student is ready to go to college but really that’s not what it is for. The SATs is a test to see if a student is good at test taking, the real grade that matters to see if a student it ready for college is their high school grades. Many parents say that these tests can discourage their kids and only give the students who are good at test taking a chance to shine,while other students who may even be smarter just don’t preform as well on the tests. To me, the standardize tests are unfair but I understand trying to raise the academic status of students today. Which is why it might be a good idea to try and change the way they raise the education levels.


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