Lily Mishaan

I recently wrote my sociology paper on the topic of No Child Left behind. I did some research on the topic and I found my findings very interesting. No child left behind (NCLB) was an act passed in 2002 by President Bush. This act was basically created to improve the education of children, however for many children it made education much worse. The NCLB deals with many things that have to do with child education including standardized testing. Standardized tests are those tests we all had to take in elementary school and even high school. The really long tests that were testing for a child’s math and reading skills. The tests were administered once a year from 3rd-8th grade. I always found those tests to be stressful and I would never finish each section I time. When I researched hoe people felt about these tests, I found many articles who’s opinions were like mine. Many people do not like standardized tests and feel that they force teachers to teach only for the tests, and not for a child’s common knowledge. Over the past decades, many parents have chosen to opt out their children from the standardized tests because they didn’t think these tests would be worth it to their child. Over the years, opting out of these tests has become way more common and even more popular. School are not allowed to stop parents from opting out, but are likely to encourage them not too. I find it interesting that so many people feel that these tests aren’t beneficial, but also can hurt a child; yet they still administer them every year. It is also difficult when these test determine your eligibility to schools and programs because many people don’t do well on standardized tests.


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