Eden Oknin

recently, a video was released of a while male student with dreadlocks being harassed by a woman saying "white people should not have dreads" and "it is cultural appropriation". many people responded differently to this video including justin beiber. Justin posted a picture on instagram of him with dreadlocks. now i do not agree with what the woman was saying, i dont think dreadlocks are only a style people with dark skin can have. this video offends me, i dont think its right and people need to stop being so sensitive. what do you guys think about this? what are your opinions on cultural appropriation?


3 thoughts on “Eden Oknin

  1. I think cultural appropriation is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly or seen as “sensitive.” When a specific culture applied to a certain group (i.e. dreads for African American people), it shouldn’t necessarily STAY for that group. It can be redirected as APPRECIATION rather than APPROPRIATION. There should be a clear-cut difference when representing that specific culture. For your example, isn’t it considerably insensitive that black people get eyed left and right, up and down for wearing dreadlocks, black children get expelled and suspended for wearing their natural hair, afros and braids (when it’s all they know, to tame their type of hair), when a superior group of people can freely wear it as a a style, as a trend AND get praised for it? Culture is different than style, especially when it has significance behind it. Now, dreads are not specifically pointed for Black people. Many cultures and religions have adopted it. So which is why I would say that every case requires its own context. Before you accuse, you should know what background a certain person is of. But on culture appropriation as a whole, I think it’s wrong. I believe that things with culture significance and religious purposes should not be “appropriated” or worn as a style. In contrast, appreciation could be going to a certain country that has that culture and you may wear a certain dress or a certain hair style as a means of INVOLVING yourself into that culture, not so much making it a trend.


  2. I think cultural appropriation is such a weird concept. Honestly, some people think everything is cultural appropriation. But, what they don’t get is that literally everything we do and wear and eat, is from some other culture. If we don’t want to show “cultural appropriation” then we might as well walk around naked. I don’t think there’s such thing as cultural appropriation. I mean unless you really offend the person, whose culture it’s from, then it doesn’t matter. Everyone should be open to trying out things from different culture; it’s the only way we will all learn to respect one another. Why would I wear something from a different culture that I didn’t like? I would wear something if I liked it. So how is that making fun of that culture? Honestly, I think some people are just overly sensitive, and need to grow up and get with the times. It’s 2016.


  3. Cultural appropriation is such a strange topic to discuss like Zainab said. There are so many bits and pieces coming from all over the world. This topic is so widespread that even Southpark had an entire season talking about it. In the end however there will always be people who disapprove of the absolutle silliest thing.


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