Gary Chen

This is a recent court case about an Asian American adolescent being charged as an adult for stabbing another teenager. Dylan Yang stabbed Isaiah Powell in the back puncturing his kidney, killing him. What had occurred was that these two boys got into a dispute and Dylan allegedly invited Isaiah to fight each other. Being a child they would have accepted but what happened is beyond that of a child. Isaiah had arrived in front of Dylan’s home along with nine other friends and an adult accompanying him in a vehicle that also had knives on the ground. Isaiah shot at Dylan’s home with a BB Gun and by instinct Dylan knew he was going to fight so he went into his home to grab a kitchen knife. He usually had it with him outside but this time, he didn’t. He thought that Isaiah had an actual gun when he shot Dylan so to go back out there, he was going to do something. When Dylan came back outside, Dylan’s friend who was with him at the time was wrestling with Isaiah and unaware that Dylan was there, Dylan stabbed Isaiah twice in the back. He is now being charged with first-degree reckless homicide with a bail of one million dollars and 60 years in jail. More information can be found online and in the articles.

The question I want to ask is do you guys think this is fair for him to be punished this severely, practically ruining his entire life. If he had not gotten his knife and had fight with his bare hands, would the outcome had been different? I wanted to say that the person who drove Isaiah and his friends to Dylan’s home in the first place should have been at fault for condoning violence and that person is an actual adult. Could this have been a case of bullying to the point where it involved murder? Dylan was about to go against ten other people. There was also information that he had said he was involved in gang activity but this was a ruse to try and prevent Isaiah from approaching him. He was also taken away by the police to be interrogated without his family or a lawyer. Reading this article and going into further research on it made me question exactly how right is the justice system in punishing people. It also makes me wonder why people like the police who actively abuse and shoot down people are given barely any punishment at all and they treat Dylan, an innocent teenager who is possibly a victim of bully, like he is major criminal.


3 thoughts on “Gary Chen

  1. I don’t think Dylan Yang deserve this kind of punishment because it was an act of self-defense. Yang felt that his life was in danger and most likely if he didn’t have a weapon he would lose the fight. Also he didn’t know it was a fake gun and the fact that he was in a big disadvantage he needed a weapon to protect himself. Fear must’ve got into Yang’s head and in that state he probably want to do anything in order to survive. The justice system should’ve gave Yang 10 years of prison because his mind is still developing and he doesn’t have the experience to deal with the outside world.


  2. This was self defense so I don’t understand why he was be charged with that. It says that Isaiah came to Dylan’s house with nine other friends with knifes and a look alike gun. I don’t know about anyone else but that is scary to me and I would want to defend myself too. I don’t want to lose my life. In all likelihood I would choose my life over the person who is seemingly trying to kill me. He is getting charged and must spend 60 years in jail. That doesn’t seem fair in my eyes.


  3. This a bit tricky. Since he knew there was going to be a fight he actively thought to grab a knife which could make it premeditated,however you could also say that it was self defense. I don’t however think is life should be completely ruined for ever based on one decision he had.


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