Amy Yedid

Today in my English class we had people present. One person hay presented talked about how in Disney movies there is indirect aggression, which is being rude or doing bad things indirectly. I found this so interesting because it’s true, in Disney movies no matter what is shown society is okay with it because it’s Disney. For example when the princess is being rescued by the prince, the prince has to murder the dragon in order to save the princess. So Disney kinda sends the message that murdering is okay by indirect aggression. Society don’t say that what Disney is doing is wrong because it is considered okay. In other tv shows or movies if they show a man murdering something or someone it isn’t okay and children would not be allowed to watch it, but when Disney movies do it it’s okay according to society. Disney movies also have a lot of stereotyping where they always make the good looking characters good and the unattractive people always bad. I thought it was an interesting presentation that my classmate did, and I found it interesting how Disney really do use indirect aggressiveness and even more interesting how society makes it okay for children to watch


3 thoughts on “Amy Yedid

  1. I kind of disagree. Disney isn’t promoting aggression. I’m pretty sure if anyone of us now saw a real dragon breathing out fire, we would be prompted to murder it too. You talk about stereotyping, how come Disney made a beautiful Hispanic princess, and a Black princess? When children watch Disney movies, they don’t necessarily focus their attention on the “aggressive” scenes such as a man killing a dragon. They look at the overall message, and it is the message that they remember at the end- and with Disney, the message is always a lesson of some sort.


  2. I agree with that because kids are like sponges, they take in information as they grow and then let that information out with their own actions. This why I appreciate Disney movies like The Princess and the Frog because the princess was black, ambitious, hard working, and in the end yes she got married to her prince but her main focus was really to get back human. He was just a add on gift. I also appreciate Frozen, because it teaches young girls that you don’t need “true loves” first kiss or a true love at all. It showed girls that family comes first and that you should do what it takes to help your family even if they push you away. It also taught them that you shouldn’t be so fast in a relationship. That you should get to know the guy first. Ana was about to marry the guy just because they sang the same song but it turned out that he just wanted to take over their kingdom. It taught young children not to trust people so quickly.


  3. I definitely agree with you because kids are still developing and taking in information as they grow. They use information as a way to guide them with their decision making. I like Disney movies because they try to teach kids moral lessons and principles that would help them along the way. For example, Cinderella I learned no matter how hard the struggle is hard work will always pay off. Also in Pinocchio I learn that lying will always get you into trouble.


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