Lata Jorge

After watching this CUNY video, I learned important lessons about the laws and struggles of a successful citizen. As you know, people from the upper class have assumed that people of color have nothing to offer to society due to their poor history and education background. This was a common misconception about the people of color in the past. Even today, some people still believe that blacks and Hispanics don’t have the intellectual capacity and ability to operate difficult tasks and do a great job. You might be thinking that such nonsense is absurd. Sometimes, life and work experience tend to open your eyes to the real world where racism, poverty, jib discrimination and injustice are still present in society. These issues are silent and many people ignored it because they don’t have an interest to remedy the social issues that society is facing. This video described the life of a woman raised in the south Bronx and struggled to achieved excellence and acquired an education. She is not only smart and successful, but also Hispanic. Sonia Sotomayor, a great role model, for some many Hispanic students with a similar background. She talked about her happy and sad moments of her life. She mentioned that people have different writing style , which is something that I completely agree. The discussion also mentioned the importance to serve the community and interact with people with different perspectives and cultures. When one of the students asked a question about the race problem in society, Sonia Sotomayor responded by stating that racial inequality is major social issue. In fact, she mentioned that everyone should receive the same level of education or equality of education because it will help increase the number of students that graduate high school or college. Even though this nation is powerful, rich and diverse, the education part is failing hard. In my opinion, I think the education system in the United States in nonfunctional and unsuccessful because the number of students graduating college or even graduate school is decreasing. I also support the fact that competition is important but it shouldn’t be a valid reason for not acquiring equality of education. What you about this video and do you any comments?

Go to Tv CUNY channel and search Sonia sotomayor or just search Sonia sotomayor CUNY


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