Lily Mishaan

Yesterday I was extremely lucky to be able to hear President Barack Obama speak at my brothers college graduation from Rutgers University. When my family found out that the President was speaking, of course we were excited, but we knew it would be a huge inconvenience for us being that we had to arrive there early and we were coming from New York- and when the president goes somewhere, there’s bound to be a lot of traffic. It was extremely crowded because so many people came to hear Obama speak and the security was extremely heavy. However, not until his speech was over did I realize what an honor it was that he came to speak at a college graduation. He made some very interesting points that I wanted to share. He was talking about how he came about accepting Rutgers invitation to speak, and then he brought up former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and how she was once invited to speak at Rutgers. When she was invited to speak at the graduation commencement in 2014, many of the students at Rutgers protested against her coming, and she soon announced that she wasn’t able to make it. Obama pointed out that even if people don’t agree with the views of others, they should still be open to hearing they’re views. Obama admitted he wasn’t very fond of Rice, but he said that he would be open to listen to what she had to say so he could counter it and stand up for what he believed in. Although I am not against Obama, I disagree with him on many things. He helped show me that even if you don’t fully agree with someone’s views, it’s important to listen to what they have to stay and always stand up for your own views.


One thought on “Lily Mishaan

  1. I agree with you. I believe in open-mindedness, a quality many people lack. We live in a world with so many different viewpoints and opinions, and there’s no way we could possibly agree with all of them. But that doesn’t mean we close our ears and don’t listen. Even if we know for a fact that our opinion would never change, we should still listen to the opposite viewpoint. Maybe we’ll learn something we never knew before. There’s nothing more I love than having a conversation with someone who expresses totally opposite views from me. I love hearing what they have to say, and sometimes I find myself learning something so amazing, and then my mind starts to change and question everything. And that is such a cool feeling. Just imagine if we lived in a world where we all believed the exact same things. How incredibly boring would that be?


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