Sara suede

Sitting on the bus this morning i got really annoyed. There was an empty seat in the middle of two people but this man decided he was going to take up space from the empty seat by sitting with his legs opened. I looked at him thinking he would sit nicely to make room because I wnted the seat but he didn’t. So I decided to sit down anyway and see what he would do. He didn’t do anything. He did not move one inch for me. I was sitting and his legs were practically on me and I felt very uncomfortable. This incident remind me of the discussion we had previously in class about public space. Public space needs to be respected. It’s very hard to respect public space in the train or the bus when it is packed but if you can do something to respect you should do. Like move your legs alittle. I thought that this person had no regard for public space and he just did whatever he wanted and didn’t care. What do u guys think about the public space issue?


2 thoughts on “Sara suede

  1. Public space is a foreign term for many people. And I get it, it’s totally annoying. But some people just can’t help themselves. Sometimes, when a random person comes to sit next to me on a random bus, I don’t know what to do. I mean, I could easily get up and sit somewhere else, but I’d feel too bad. So I just end up sitting where I was. Though I have never experienced someone practically putting their legs on me- that would definitely feel uncomfortable and a little weird to be honest!


  2. I have experienced this problem a lot on buses and trains. The issue of “man spreading” as a sign of male privilege was something that was brought up in class. We also discussed the new MTA ads which tell you how you should behave on trains. One of the ads talks about the issue of public space. What is even more annoying is when sometimes we give public space and personal space too much consideration. For example, we try not to sit directly next to someone and we try to leave a seat in between empty. That is fine until it gets more crowded, we still don’t move over, and people are either squeezing in to tight spaces, or seats are left empty because people are too uncomfortable to try to squeeze in. I think the issue of public space is that it should be used as effectively as possible. We want to maximize comfort for ourselves as well as take into consideration those around us.


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