Zainab Iqbal

​Across the street from Brooklyn College is Midwood High School- a high school that I attended. A few days ago, an English teacher got suspended. Guess why?

For personally purchasing 101 copies of "Frankenstein​" for $220 and selling them to his students for $2.

This man was suspended for providing BOOKS to his students.

I get it. There’s a rule which states, “Materials and textbooks supplied by the Department of Education for use in classes, shops or laboratories shall not under any circumstances be sold, nor shall any charge for them be made to the student."

But it doesn’t make any sense. There is absolutely no logic behind it. He didn’t even commit a crime; he didn’t molest anyone, he sold BOOKS.

He took money from his own pocket to purchase books, and then went on to sell them to his students for LESS than he brought them for.

Sociology is the study of social problems. Well, THIS is a social problem. What’s the difference between that and purchasing the same book for $25 from the bookstore (which is worth way more)?

The NY Post did a whole article on him, and they noted that none of the students complained. In fact, they were all happy to have paid the $2. The only people having problems with it were the administration. This teacher was a teacher for 29 years. Which means that he got paid more- because the longer you teach, the more you get paid (I believe). They suspended him, and could possible "terminate" him- which will mean, one less teacher to pay. It all makes sense, but it doesn’t.

Personally, I think the whole situation is beyond ridiculous. In the world we live in now, teachers get suspended for benefiting their students. We close our eyes and blindly follow rules which were written so long ago, not taking into consideration that times have changed, and the rules must change with them.

What do you think?



4 thoughts on “Zainab Iqbal

  1. I read this, too! I got really upset too well because for one, I had a lot of friends who had Mr. Friedman and plenty of great things about him! You just KNOW that he had to have great intentions. In addition to what you said, I read that it was probably prejudiced because he filed unfair labor charges against the high school and the higher-up’s probably waited for this opportunity. I obviously do not have all the facts but for some reason it makes a lot of sense, that it has to be the only real answer as to WHY they took such harsh actions towards him. Like you said, all the students had 0 problems with the money, and I really doubt the parents of these students would have said anything as well. Friedman seems like a very progressive teacher even at 61, he protested against the dumbed-down curriculum which I would assume is common core. I even read over some elementary students common core recently and plenty of it is beyond “common” sense.

    For example, there was a question that read “How do you make 10 with 8+5” student wrote “you can’t, 8+5 is 13” and the teachers markings read “yes you can, you take 2 from the 5, add it with 8 = 10 then add three.” What sense is this!!! One thing I know: I’m glad I wasn’t taught this way and I’m upset that I would have to put my future children through this, or even worse lol


  2. This is why the schools and education system is failing in the united states. In china and India , teachers buy and do anything to help their student learn and surpass their limits. Teachers hould be punished for their attempt to help students become better learners. As you know, the lack of education and research funding are problems that the government should address. I also think that this kind of problem is a social problem that society should do someting about it.


  3. I read about this and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that he was suspended. The way that certain systems are run frustrates me to no end and the fact that things like this can happen to teachers who are just trying to help their students is unfathomable.


  4. I was thinking the same thing when I heard this. The books that are being read in the school system turn a lot of children away from reading because either it’s too hard or too boring. If this teacher was able to get at least 101 children turned on to reading by reading an interesting book he should be honored rather than punished.


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