Diane Fung – Shooting in Manhattan


This morning at around 8AM, a man who was apparently belligerent was tackled by a police officer into the pavement. He wanted to make a purchase at the Food Emporium in Midtown but was forced by employees to leave the premises. When he got into a “brawl” with the officer, he presented an 8-inch knife and apparently lunged at the officers. Apparently 7 shots were fired by one officer and 2 by another. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. I am aware that I keep saying apparently and it is because, these may not be all the facts as it just happened less than 12 hours before I wrote this post.

Police officers say that they are expecting videos to surface soon so more can be revealed then, but they are confident that all their reports are accurate and says that their actions are justified.

Is it? I guess we won’t know until the videos surface. But personally, while reading the entire article, I kept questioning, “what color was this man? what was his race?” But I caught myself, too! Why did it matter? What matters is that yet another human being was killed by another blue uniform officer, right? But again, is it! Is that all that matters?

I feel like after all that has happened among police brutality and racial inequality cases in America recently, it is so hard to be in a post-racial mindset and society. I personally feel like I am conditioned to think that “all”/most people are against people of color. Being a person of color, I have definitely experienced racism among the streets to what I see on national television. This post isn’t really surrounding the shooting really but what it makes me think of. No matter how open minded I truly want to be, I don’t think it is easy or possible for me to rid notions of not everyone is racist in my mind and what not. AND, this is DEFINITELY not to say that when more evidence surface, I hope that the person under the sheet is white or not a person of color! I definitely wished that no one had to die in this situation, but I think that it would automatically trigger thoughts what I know. If it is a person of color, what would it prove? Not necessarily that cops were more inclined to shoot him but how sad the cycle of poverty ends up in deaths like this, maybe? (I could have developed this thought more but I am a little questionable in this myself) In other words, I mean that what is a drunk person of color doing at 8am, no job? no responsibilities? The cycle of poverty most likely put him there and so on and so forth caused him to plummet to this situation, which is sad.

Please, give me your feedback. I know that I may come off as “racist towards white people” which I’m really not. Not that you can be, anyway. Reverse racism is not a thing as well, but that is another post to come! I’m just reiterating the fact that people of color usually have it worse and I by no means mean “if that person was white, all the better!” no not at all. I’m just saying it backs up what we all know. (Or I guess I shouldn’t say we, I’m speaking for myself.)


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