Sasha Bonilla

CUNY bans supported travel to North Carolina and Mississippi

Today CUNY and Gov. Cuomo announced two new executive orders banning the source of funding for any nonessential state business related trips to North Carolina and Mississippi. This ban was passed due to the discriminatory bathroom laws in effect. Both North Carolina and Mississippi force transgender individuals to use the bathroom of the sex they were assigned at birth. This is absolutely ridiculous because the sex they were assigned at birth is not their sex! They have the freedom to identify however they wish! On top of these bathroom laws, Mississippi also does not include sexual orientation or identity in anti-discrimination laws and protections. How can the government not protect someone who is being unfairly discriminated against, regardless if the person is being racially discriminated against, sexually discriminated against, etc.? It feels as if times are regressing to when people were even less accepting then they are now. Part of the law also allows business to refuse service to people based on their sexual orientation. If someone is a paying customer, supporting your business, why does their sexual orientation matter? It’s just like saying “no colored allowed” which is clearly seen as discrimination. CUNY taking a stand is a large step towards bringing justice to the matter and possibly even change. It is good to know that an institution with great influence is using their voice for good.


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