Jared West

Iran has officially arrested 8 Instagram models because they posted pictures without headscarves on. Since the year 1979 woman are required by law to cover their hair, The government of Iran then continues on claiming that Kim Kardashian is a secret agent working with Instagram to corrupt young girls in Iran. Now the question I pose is that while it is illegal to hair your exposed in public and that I am not extremely familiar with Islamic culture, but do you think that the government is going overboard?


2 thoughts on “Jared West

  1. Personally, I believe that making it illegal for women to have their hair exposed is a little overboard. I feel there should be a freedom of choice. If the women want to wear the headscarves to express their religion or any other reason for that matter, they should be allowed to. On the other hand if there is a group of women who want to leave their hair exposed, I also believe they should have the right to do that without being punished. Everyone should be respectful of everyone’s beliefs and choices. I guess my perspective is very liberal and westernized, but ultimately I don’t think the government should have control over that.


  2. Technically the government does have control to arrest women who show their hair. Iran is a predominately Islamic country. In Islam, women are not permitted to show their hair. So, no I don’t think Iran went “overboard”. As for the Kim K thing, that was definitely dumb. But as for the hair, I can understand it because I’m Muslim. These women who showed their hair on Instagram, knew what they were getting themselves into. If they want the government to change, most likely it won’t. As for “having the right to do so”, Iran isn’t America. It isn’t Westernized and liberal and Democratic. And I just think America needs to stop changing the rest of the world to be like us, because look where that got groups like ISIS? Iran is functioning just fine (according to them). Women not showing their hair is normal, and we should have nothing to do with it.


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