lata jorge

Why the United States television is not showing this kind of news? Do people  around the entire nation know about this massive migration of Syrian citizens? The peop le of the town were amazed about the issues that Syrians are going through. They have sy mpathy and desire to help Syrians during their journey to western Germany. One of the Syr ians was screaming and asking where is the media and support of the UN. Even though the  journey is filled with hardship and rejection, the people continue their path to the Wes tern Europe. Families, doctors, writers, and teachers migrate to the Western Europe beca use their only home has turned into a war zone. It must very difficult to survive in Syri an because of the war taking place. The video reminded me the hardship that many immigra nts have faced during their journey from South America to the United States. Today, many  of them are migrating to the United States because of economic reasons, but Syrians are  migrating because of they don’t want to become victims of the deadly war. Why other nati ons besides United States is not taking political action to remedy the crisis taking pla ce in Syrians. In fact, when I was reading in the campus, I noticed a group of students  protesting against the media because the media was not informing the stories that many S yrian citizens are going through. They were screaming so loud that other students decided  to join the strike. This moment reminded me about the social roles and meaning of strik e in society. As you know, a strike consists of people spreading the word of injustice a nd their disagreements.  The video showed the social interaction between the Syrian peop le and people of the towns. They provide them with food, clothes and moral support which  showed that many people are willing to help regardless of their religion or cultural dif ferences. Some members of the government start a groupthink because they believed that i mmigrants are going to alter the culture of the towns. Based on the crisis taking place  in Syrian, religion can formed social conflict in society such as crime, short life expec tancy, death of victims and lack of public service. What kind of political or social act ion is needed to help the Syrian crisis? I think that societies in Germany, turkey and o ther Western Europe nations should provide social support and social solidarity to those  migrating to the new lands.  In my opinion, I think that Syrian people had enough of pol itics because some people believe that politics create new problems. Instead of politica l changes, social movement is also needed to solve the crisis taking place in Syrian soci ety. Do you think that Brooklyn college students should continue to protest against the  social media because they haven’t been informing the communities about the global crisis?


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