Arielle Tornheim

With the thought of finals coming up, it reminded me of the No Child Left Behind Act. The NCLB was criticized because it was mainly focused on teaching for the test rather than teaching for knowledge. I feel as if some of these classes are like that too. In at least two of my classes my teachers repeatedly said this is important because it will be on the test, and I don’t appreciate when they as that. College is supposed to be about learning for information in order to get a good job, it shouldn’t be based solely on finals and midterms. Does anyone else feel this way?


2 thoughts on “Arielle Tornheim

  1. Well first off, college isn’t about getting a good job; at least not for me. College is about gaining experience and trying out things you wouldn’t get to try elsewhere. As for a good job, some people don’t attend college and get one. It’s just a bonus after college. As for midterms and finals, I agree- they shouldn’t be the only factors for our grades. But then again, without midterms and finals, how would your professor grade you fairly?


  2. The No Child Left Behind Act focuses on standardized testing. Meaning that every single student in the state has to learn the same info. teachers and schools are evaluated based on students’ performance, and that is why teachers teach to the test. Teachers want students to get the highest possible score. I actually like that it is different in college. Even though there is a huge focus on tests, professors get to make the tests. This way when they are teaching to the test, they are teaching topics and focusing on topics they are passionate about or on topics they find important. Sometimes testing is effective because it gives students the incentive to learn the topic well. I know that as soon as a teacher says that something is not on the test, I don’t pay much attention to it.


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