Jared West

Shanice Oliver a 12 year old girl told her mom that she felt she was born into the wrong body. Fast forward 2 months and Shanice returns to school as 12 year old Shane. Most of the kids he went to school with completely understood that he felt he was supposed to be born a boy but accidentally came out a girl. What does this mean for the future? I think that even kids as young as 12 feel truly encouraged to express themselves but are to young to see this as strange. This is truly a big step in the right direction


One thought on “Jared West

  1. Before I read this post I read the one about how giving kids specific toys might effect them. If you give a boy a barbie doll will he grow up more feminine and vice versa. However after reading this I see that children these days are more open to the world around them and are able to decide their sexuality for themselves. They are deciding at ages as young as 12 with such certainty and it really shows how times have changed since that friends episode came out.


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