Jorge Lata

During my job’s meal and rest breaks, I was reading blogs and one of the blogs known as Brooklyn College PSC CUNY contained important information that CUNY students should read carefully and join the network. The blog was demostrating a photo where where college faculty, staff and students were united and protesting for new work contract witthout the need to increase the college tuition. The CUNY system was founded to serve and educate the minority community and provide them an opportunity to move upward in the social class scale. Many lower and middle class students attend CUNY because of the affordable tuition and great education. I also feel that this is a social problem and that community memebers should step in and also take action. I also think that CUNY faculty and staff should get a fair contract with a decent salary. They deserved benefits and federal support because they are educating memebers of the Queens, bronx and brooklyn communities. I remembered the time when I had to work extra hours just to save enough cash to pay 200 $ more than my last payments. It was really hard to attend school and work fulltime and I feel that tuitions increases just makes the life of students much rougher. For example, I have friends that left college because of they couldnt afford to pay the tuition and I also notice an increasing nummber of students getting college loans. Honestly, I think that bankers and powerful government individuals are trying to make college expensive and convincing students to get loans. This kind of injustice is a great demostration how capitalism is the main source of social and political conflict. The increasing number of students getting loans is the new loan bubble and it’s going to bring severe problems to society. I don’t really know how tuition increases is going to stop. According to the blog, James Millikan was to continue increasing cuny tuition and I feel that his only goal is to increase revenue. He is not concerned about the social issues that society is going to confront in the next couple years. The quality of education is also critical and the level of tuition should not affect the overall college experience. I hope to continue striking and fighting for social justice.

Brooklyn College PSC-CUNY

Brooklyn College PSC-CUNY


2 thoughts on “Jorge Lata

  1. Higher education feels like business and those two things shoudn’t mix. People who go to college are going to college to learn and becoming functioning citizens. They shouldn’t be taken advantage of and expected to pay thousands for their education. A majority of people in college are younger and just starting out in life. Not everyone has a college savings, but does that mean they shouldn’t go to college? No, it doesn’t. What it means is the government should be stepping in by lowering tuition and offering more assistants. Budget cuts need to be made elsewhere. Especially CUNY. Many students attend cuny to be able to afford an education on top of the good quality education many cuny schools offer. As for teachers, they deserve higher salaries and benefits because they are what keeps the schools running. Maybe banks and government officials should consider giving their profit a pay cut and fund higher education, instead of continuing to raise they tuition.


  2. Tuition increase is a big problem as this leads to less students attending college. The government needs to lower the cost of tuition so more students can get the education needed to help them with their careers. College is the start where an individual figures out their own path and helps guide them. it definitely makes students’ life harder because they have to work more hours to get the extra money needed to pay for college. The government needs to find a way to manage the budge and help students get back into track. I feel that the reason why the government is raising tuition is to gain more profit and this needs to stop. More students are going into debt and a lot of the students don’t have the money to pay it off.


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