Diane Fung – Reverse Racism

So in my last post I really quickly mentioned how I racism towards white people isn’t a real thing, and let me tell you why. To be privileged entails having the upper hand in a given category without earning it. In other words, everyone is privileged in some way or another. It just depends on which category (sexual orientation, class, ability, etc.) White privilege in particular refers to the advantages and opportunities experienced by white people in contrast to the experiences of non-whites exposed to the same conditions. White privilege is prevalent across many areas of life even if it may seem subtle. Due to white privilege, many people of color need to form safe spaces to express themselves and connect with their roots. The creation of these safe spaces have been criticized as a form of racism against whites. Thus the term “reverse racism” has been coined. However, this term should not be taken “seriously,” in my opinion. People of color CANNOT inflict “reverse racism” towards white people because white people are not oppressed socially and politically.

The struggle for racial equality, especially in our social encounters, is still an ongoing fight today. Civil rights activists have constantly been working to repair the damage done by the dominant white race by creating social safe spaces and platforms for people of color to thrive. Some of these platforms include BET (Black Entertainment Television), Latin Grammy Awards, Black History Month, the Hip-Hop community or simply any type of attention directed towards minorities. The phenomenon of reverse racism argues that such platforms are hindering the campaign for equality by excluding white people. Why do we have a Black Entertainment Television? Why is there an Asian History Month? Critics argue that reverse racism exists when there is no, for example, White History Month. The notion that ethnic safe spaces should be considered forms of reverse racism simply based on its natural exclusion of white people is illogical, and those who believe in it are only prolonging the hardship among people of color. Any and all other television networks already revolve around the white community. Why is there is no White Entertainment Television? Because ABC is White Entertainment Television. HGTV is White Entertainment Television. Hell, even Disney Channel is White Entertainment Television!!!

People of color are not able to inflict racism against white people because they do not have the privilege and power to do so, as evidenced in the social and political spheres. With that said, I don’t mean that white people cannot experience hate. What they experience instead is called prejudice or discrimination–not racism. The difference between prejudice and racism is a matter of emotional feelings and thoughts of hate contrasted with actions taken due to those feelings. To be racist, you must withhold the power to oppress with your privilege. This is why minorities simply cannot be racist towards whites. Non-whites lack the capacity and capability to harm and oppress.

As always, kindly offer your feedback. Do you think reverse racism is a thing? Why or why not? Thank you.


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