Marcella Meykler

Oklahoma governor recently vetoed a bill that wanted to criminalize doctors who performed abortions, consequences including up to 3 years in prison. If this bill was passed, doctors would stop performing abortions, and women in need of abortions would resort to harmful ways of achieving abortion. In the beginning of the semester, we talked about putting on our sociological imagination and viewing things from an objective or different perspective. We need to see both sides of the argument and the potential long-term consequences. There has been discourse over the abortions in the form of pro-life and pro-choice. There have been arguments over who gets to make decisions about policy such as this. There is the perspective of gender and the fact that men implement policies over women’s bodies.The fact that this bill was not passed is a huge step toward ensuring access to medical procedures such as this and women’s rights to control their bodies.

This is the article about the bill

What do you think about the issue of abortion?


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