Steven Woo

Recently, I’ve been seeing posts about Brooklyn College students protesting for Sarah Aly and Thomas DeAngelis. Sarah Aly and Thomas DeAngelis were charge for violating rules of the CUNY code of conduct because they were participating in a mic check during a faulty meeting concerning the issue of tuition, diversity and surveillance. Aly and DeAngelis are facing penalties that would lead to expulsion. What’s worse President Gould are accusing them for anti-Jewish and other bashing comments. This is definitely crazy because DeAngelis is the first person in his family to go to college and this case might be the end of his college career.

We need to band together and help support them as their college career are at stake, therefore we need to do something about it. One of CUNY’s policy is that the college is require to protect the rights to express an individual’s view without any influence. These students are trying to voice their opinions about free tuition and helping Muslims. What can we do to aid Aly and DeAngelis in their fight to pardon their charges?

Civil Rights Attorneys Call on Brooklyn College to Drop Politically Motivated Charges Against Two Students

Civil Rights Attorneys Call on Brooklyn College to Drop Politically Motivat…

Civil rights attorneys are concerned about the disciplinary charges issued Wednesday against two Brooklyn Colleg…


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