Amy Yedid

This morning I was watching an episode of the show Friends. In the episode the character Ross has a child with this girl Carol who is a lesbian. When Carol dropped or their son Ben to Ross’s house, Ross noticed his son holding a Barbie. He asked Carol why Ben was holding a Barbie and she said because he always plays with it and he likes it. This got me thinking about the time in class we spoke about if parents should let heir children play with toys of the opposite sex. Should a boy play be allowed to play with Barbie’s and should girls be allowed to play with monster trucks? When watching this episode Ross convinced his son to play with the boy toys and let go of the Barbie. It’s a very controversial topic and while watching this episode I really didn’t know what to do


Jared West

Iran has officially arrested 8 Instagram models because they posted pictures without headscarves on. Since the year 1979 woman are required by law to cover their hair, The government of Iran then continues on claiming that Kim Kardashian is a secret agent working with Instagram to corrupt young girls in Iran. Now the question I pose is that while it is illegal to hair your exposed in public and that I am not extremely familiar with Islamic culture, but do you think that the government is going overboard?

Arielle Tornheim

In the article posted below it talks about how in Denver they want to try and gentrify the neighborhoods without displacing the residents. Many of the neighborhoods are already becoming gentrified, leaving many residents without homes because they can’t afford it. Denver wants to try and help by giving these people workforce training in order for them to get a decent job and be able to afford it. I think it’s a really good idea because people shouldn’t have to be kicked out of their homes that they lived forever in. What are some of your thoughts? Do you think it’s a good idea or do you know of a better way that can help?

lata jorge

Why the United States television is not showing this kind of news? Do people  around the entire nation know about this massive migration of Syrian citizens? The peop le of the town were amazed about the issues that Syrians are going through. They have sy mpathy and desire to help Syrians during their journey to western Germany. One of the Syr ians was screaming and asking where is the media and support of the UN. Even though the  journey is filled with hardship and rejection, the people continue their path to the Wes tern Europe. Families, doctors, writers, and teachers migrate to the Western Europe beca use their only home has turned into a war zone. It must very difficult to survive in Syri an because of the war taking place. The video reminded me the hardship that many immigra nts have faced during their journey from South America to the United States. Today, many  of them are migrating to the United States because of economic reasons, but Syrians are  migrating because of they don’t want to become victims of the deadly war. Why other nati ons besides United States is not taking political action to remedy the crisis taking pla ce in Syrians. In fact, when I was reading in the campus, I noticed a group of students  protesting against the media because the media was not informing the stories that many S yrian citizens are going through. They were screaming so loud that other students decided  to join the strike. This moment reminded me about the social roles and meaning of strik e in society. As you know, a strike consists of people spreading the word of injustice a nd their disagreements.  The video showed the social interaction between the Syrian peop le and people of the towns. They provide them with food, clothes and moral support which  showed that many people are willing to help regardless of their religion or cultural dif ferences. Some members of the government start a groupthink because they believed that i mmigrants are going to alter the culture of the towns. Based on the crisis taking place  in Syrian, religion can formed social conflict in society such as crime, short life expec tancy, death of victims and lack of public service. What kind of political or social act ion is needed to help the Syrian crisis? I think that societies in Germany, turkey and o ther Western Europe nations should provide social support and social solidarity to those  migrating to the new lands.  In my opinion, I think that Syrian people had enough of pol itics because some people believe that politics create new problems. Instead of politica l changes, social movement is also needed to solve the crisis taking place in Syrian soci ety. Do you think that Brooklyn college students should continue to protest against the  social media because they haven’t been informing the communities about the global crisis?

Diane Fung – Shooting in Manhattan

This morning at around 8AM, a man who was apparently belligerent was tackled by a police officer into the pavement. He wanted to make a purchase at the Food Emporium in Midtown but was forced by employees to leave the premises. When he got into a “brawl” with the officer, he presented an 8-inch knife and apparently lunged at the officers. Apparently 7 shots were fired by one officer and 2 by another. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. I am aware that I keep saying apparently and it is because, these may not be all the facts as it just happened less than 12 hours before I wrote this post.

Police officers say that they are expecting videos to surface soon so more can be revealed then, but they are confident that all their reports are accurate and says that their actions are justified.

Is it? I guess we won’t know until the videos surface. But personally, while reading the entire article, I kept questioning, “what color was this man? what was his race?” But I caught myself, too! Why did it matter? What matters is that yet another human being was killed by another blue uniform officer, right? But again, is it! Is that all that matters?

I feel like after all that has happened among police brutality and racial inequality cases in America recently, it is so hard to be in a post-racial mindset and society. I personally feel like I am conditioned to think that “all”/most people are against people of color. Being a person of color, I have definitely experienced racism among the streets to what I see on national television. This post isn’t really surrounding the shooting really but what it makes me think of. No matter how open minded I truly want to be, I don’t think it is easy or possible for me to rid notions of not everyone is racist in my mind and what not. AND, this is DEFINITELY not to say that when more evidence surface, I hope that the person under the sheet is white or not a person of color! I definitely wished that no one had to die in this situation, but I think that it would automatically trigger thoughts what I know. If it is a person of color, what would it prove? Not necessarily that cops were more inclined to shoot him but how sad the cycle of poverty ends up in deaths like this, maybe? (I could have developed this thought more but I am a little questionable in this myself) In other words, I mean that what is a drunk person of color doing at 8am, no job? no responsibilities? The cycle of poverty most likely put him there and so on and so forth caused him to plummet to this situation, which is sad.

Please, give me your feedback. I know that I may come off as “racist towards white people” which I’m really not. Not that you can be, anyway. Reverse racism is not a thing as well, but that is another post to come! I’m just reiterating the fact that people of color usually have it worse and I by no means mean “if that person was white, all the better!” no not at all. I’m just saying it backs up what we all know. (Or I guess I shouldn’t say we, I’m speaking for myself.)

Sasha Bonilla

CUNY bans supported travel to North Carolina and Mississippi

Today CUNY and Gov. Cuomo announced two new executive orders banning the source of funding for any nonessential state business related trips to North Carolina and Mississippi. This ban was passed due to the discriminatory bathroom laws in effect. Both North Carolina and Mississippi force transgender individuals to use the bathroom of the sex they were assigned at birth. This is absolutely ridiculous because the sex they were assigned at birth is not their sex! They have the freedom to identify however they wish! On top of these bathroom laws, Mississippi also does not include sexual orientation or identity in anti-discrimination laws and protections. How can the government not protect someone who is being unfairly discriminated against, regardless if the person is being racially discriminated against, sexually discriminated against, etc.? It feels as if times are regressing to when people were even less accepting then they are now. Part of the law also allows business to refuse service to people based on their sexual orientation. If someone is a paying customer, supporting your business, why does their sexual orientation matter? It’s just like saying “no colored allowed” which is clearly seen as discrimination. CUNY taking a stand is a large step towards bringing justice to the matter and possibly even change. It is good to know that an institution with great influence is using their voice for good.

Zainab Iqbal

​Across the street from Brooklyn College is Midwood High School- a high school that I attended. A few days ago, an English teacher got suspended. Guess why?

For personally purchasing 101 copies of "Frankenstein​" for $220 and selling them to his students for $2.

This man was suspended for providing BOOKS to his students.

I get it. There’s a rule which states, “Materials and textbooks supplied by the Department of Education for use in classes, shops or laboratories shall not under any circumstances be sold, nor shall any charge for them be made to the student."

But it doesn’t make any sense. There is absolutely no logic behind it. He didn’t even commit a crime; he didn’t molest anyone, he sold BOOKS.

He took money from his own pocket to purchase books, and then went on to sell them to his students for LESS than he brought them for.

Sociology is the study of social problems. Well, THIS is a social problem. What’s the difference between that and purchasing the same book for $25 from the bookstore (which is worth way more)?

The NY Post did a whole article on him, and they noted that none of the students complained. In fact, they were all happy to have paid the $2. The only people having problems with it were the administration. This teacher was a teacher for 29 years. Which means that he got paid more- because the longer you teach, the more you get paid (I believe). They suspended him, and could possible "terminate" him- which will mean, one less teacher to pay. It all makes sense, but it doesn’t.

Personally, I think the whole situation is beyond ridiculous. In the world we live in now, teachers get suspended for benefiting their students. We close our eyes and blindly follow rules which were written so long ago, not taking into consideration that times have changed, and the rules must change with them.

What do you think?


Lata Jorge

After watching this CUNY video, I learned important lessons about the laws and struggles of a successful citizen. As you know, people from the upper class have assumed that people of color have nothing to offer to society due to their poor history and education background. This was a common misconception about the people of color in the past. Even today, some people still believe that blacks and Hispanics don’t have the intellectual capacity and ability to operate difficult tasks and do a great job. You might be thinking that such nonsense is absurd. Sometimes, life and work experience tend to open your eyes to the real world where racism, poverty, jib discrimination and injustice are still present in society. These issues are silent and many people ignored it because they don’t have an interest to remedy the social issues that society is facing. This video described the life of a woman raised in the south Bronx and struggled to achieved excellence and acquired an education. She is not only smart and successful, but also Hispanic. Sonia Sotomayor, a great role model, for some many Hispanic students with a similar background. She talked about her happy and sad moments of her life. She mentioned that people have different writing style , which is something that I completely agree. The discussion also mentioned the importance to serve the community and interact with people with different perspectives and cultures. When one of the students asked a question about the race problem in society, Sonia Sotomayor responded by stating that racial inequality is major social issue. In fact, she mentioned that everyone should receive the same level of education or equality of education because it will help increase the number of students that graduate high school or college. Even though this nation is powerful, rich and diverse, the education part is failing hard. In my opinion, I think the education system in the United States in nonfunctional and unsuccessful because the number of students graduating college or even graduate school is decreasing. I also support the fact that competition is important but it shouldn’t be a valid reason for not acquiring equality of education. What you about this video and do you any comments?

Go to Tv CUNY channel and search Sonia sotomayor or just search Sonia sotomayor CUNY

Lily Mishaan

Yesterday I was extremely lucky to be able to hear President Barack Obama speak at my brothers college graduation from Rutgers University. When my family found out that the President was speaking, of course we were excited, but we knew it would be a huge inconvenience for us being that we had to arrive there early and we were coming from New York- and when the president goes somewhere, there’s bound to be a lot of traffic. It was extremely crowded because so many people came to hear Obama speak and the security was extremely heavy. However, not until his speech was over did I realize what an honor it was that he came to speak at a college graduation. He made some very interesting points that I wanted to share. He was talking about how he came about accepting Rutgers invitation to speak, and then he brought up former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and how she was once invited to speak at Rutgers. When she was invited to speak at the graduation commencement in 2014, many of the students at Rutgers protested against her coming, and she soon announced that she wasn’t able to make it. Obama pointed out that even if people don’t agree with the views of others, they should still be open to hearing they’re views. Obama admitted he wasn’t very fond of Rice, but he said that he would be open to listen to what she had to say so he could counter it and stand up for what he believed in. Although I am not against Obama, I disagree with him on many things. He helped show me that even if you don’t fully agree with someone’s views, it’s important to listen to what they have to stay and always stand up for your own views.

Sara suede

Sitting on the bus this morning i got really annoyed. There was an empty seat in the middle of two people but this man decided he was going to take up space from the empty seat by sitting with his legs opened. I looked at him thinking he would sit nicely to make room because I wnted the seat but he didn’t. So I decided to sit down anyway and see what he would do. He didn’t do anything. He did not move one inch for me. I was sitting and his legs were practically on me and I felt very uncomfortable. This incident remind me of the discussion we had previously in class about public space. Public space needs to be respected. It’s very hard to respect public space in the train or the bus when it is packed but if you can do something to respect you should do. Like move your legs alittle. I thought that this person had no regard for public space and he just did whatever he wanted and didn’t care. What do u guys think about the public space issue?